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We partner with a well-known San Francisco broker to bring desirable top-tier tenants to your rental property

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Finding Exceptional Tenants for Your Rental Property

SNS Management understands the trouble landlords face in finding quality tenants who treat your property with respect and cause less damage to it. That’s why we offer compliant leasing services, including property assessment, rental marketing, and scheduled property showings to ensure that we place only the best residents in your San Francisco rental unit.

Compliant Leases That Help Protect Your Rental Property Value

We use the most updated SFAA lease template that includes all required disclosures for maximum peace of mind.

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A Responsive and Affordable Leasing Agent for Your Rental Property

We promptly handle inquiries, property showing, and rental application processes. Our timely and thorough follow-up actions will ensure fast leasing to top-notch applicants. 

Professional Rental Assessment

Drawing from extensive market research, we analyze comparable properties, gather visual insights, and determine the optimal rental price for your asset.

Strategic Marketing & Listing

Our expert team harnesses a blend of online platforms, major search engines, and creative copywriting to ensure your property gains maximum exposure.


Comprehensive Tenant Screening

We employ a rigorous tenant vetting process; looking into potential renters’ employment and prior tenancy records to ensure you find the right fit for your property.

Scheduled Property Showing

Our proactive approach ensures swift and well-organized property showings. To leave a lasting impression, we will also make proper recommendations around listing descriptions, cleaning and staging.

Seamless Move-In Funds Collection

After the lease is signed, we gather initial move-in funds, including the security deposit, the first month’s rent, and additional fees such as pet deposits.

Customized Lease Agreements

Customized leases can be drafted to reflect the unique characteristics of your rental property and the overall investment strategy. 

Lease Negotiation

Our expertise ensures a smooth lease negotiation process, where we find common ground on vital rental terms, from rent and maintenance to pet policies.

Post-Leasing Support

Our support doesn’t stop after the lease is signed. If needed, SNS Management will provide post-leasing support such as property inspections, maintenance requests and move-outs. 

Knowledge of Fair Housing Laws

We understand how local, state, and federal laws impact your lease agreements. That’s why we stay up to date with the latest legal amendments & changes.

Get A Free Rental Analysis

Looking for a reliable leasing agent in the San Francisco Bay Area? Connect with us! We offer a free rental analysis for your property along with other recommendations that help landlords secure high-quality, low-stress tenants.

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