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Embracing our foundational values of honesty, reliability, and common sense, SNS Management has emerged as a trusted partner for homeowners seeking transparent, efficient, and reasonably priced services in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Our Mission

At SNS Management, our mission is to redefine the standards of HOA management by providing professional support precisely when you need it, not merely when it’s convenient for us. Our aim is to empower community associations with the highest level of service, ensuring their prosperity and peace of mind, every day of the week.

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Our Core Values

In the dynamic world of HOA management, we remain anchored by three unwavering values:

Honesty: We prioritize candid and straightforward communication.
Reliability: Consistently meeting and often surpassing expectations, we’re the dependable choice.
Common Sense: In all operations, we employ a balanced and sensible approach, ensuring optimal results for our homeowners.

Why Choose SNS Management?

Our answer is simple: We embody reliability, ensuring every commitment is met with precision. Set apart from the competition, our local roots amplify our understanding of your unique needs. We pledge no unreasonable labor charges, full transparency in our dealings, and ensure there are no markups on materials. What’s more, our 30-day warranty underlines our confidence in the quality of our service.

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Meet the SNS Management Team


Managing Officer

Sergey has called the Bay Area his home since 2008, where he has thrived in the dynamic world of property management. What began as a part-time hobby in 2015 evolved into a passion as he discovered a love for the unpredictability and problem-solving the field offers.

Motivated by a desire to fill a gap in the market for quality service at an affordable rate, Sergey established SNS Management in 2022. He especially enjoys the leasing process, where he can personally connect with clients to make a positive impact in their lives, and he values the opportunity to lead his team in delivering exceptional service with a smile.

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When not in the field or working behind the scenes at SNS, Sergey enjoys spending his downtime skiing in Tahoe, exploring nature reserves with his faithful foxhound Gardner, and binge-watching Seinfeld.

  • Favorite place in San Francisco: Fort Funston to explore the dunes with Gardner and soak in the salt air
  • Best sandwich: banh mi
  • Favorite tool in his toolbox: Dremel for fine adjustments and precision



Isaac, an East Bay native with roots in suburban Seattle, brings a wide range of skillsets to the team. His diverse career—from carpentry to firefighting—shaped his strong work ethic and problem-solving skills. Excelling in personal accountability and delivering thorough work summaries, Isaac’s pride lies in his reliability, versatility, and knack for troubleshooting.

Isaac is a self-professed workaholic, though he enjoys playing music and dabbling in auto mechanics during his spare time. With a collection of guitars, a banjo, and a hand drum, Isaac dreams of one day adding piano to his repertoire.

  • Favorite place in San Francisco: Ocean Beach for a quiet escape
  • Go-to food truck delight: carne asada street tacos
  • Most used tool in his toolbox: impact driver


Graphic Designer / Marketing Consultant

California native Lina brings her eye for design and creative thinking to the SNS team. While her background is in higher education, she has gained expertise in visual communications through her freelance work in instructional and graphic design. She is glad to collaborate with and support the growth of SNS, a local business that’s reliable, honest, and also packed with personality. When she’s not at her 9-5 or pursuing her side hustles, you can find Lina picnicking in a park, taking long nature walks, and chasing the sunshine. She’s basically a golden retriever trapped in a human’s body.

  • Favorite place in San Francisco: Main Post Lawn in the Presidio (the perfect picnic spot)
  • Best sandwich: roasted turkey and cheddar with extra mayo
  • Most used tool in her toolbox: the classic Bic ballpoint pen

Check out Lina’s work:


CEO (Canine Entertainment Officer)

After retiring early from a hunting club, Gardner now splits his time between the City and Marin. While he doesn’t like to work too hard, Gardner assists with special projects from time to time, and likes to keep the SNS team both entertained and on their toes. His hobbies include napping, rearranging the pillows on the sofa, trying out different desserts, and sprinting away out of earshot while on walks.

  • Favorite place in San Francisco: Golden Gate Park for the squirrel-chasing
  • Go-to food truck delight: vanilla soft serve
  • Best sandwich: Philly cheesesteak, hold the onions


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Rooted in the vibrant spirit of San Francisco, SNS Management stands as a beacon of reliability, ensuring we always deliver on our promises and drive transparent value for every homeowner.

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